About Us

What started it all

Our signature pearl choker is what really started it all. Originally to be only created as a personal piece became a hit when uploaded on depop and ever since has sold out every time. Definitely our favourite piece to make it takes over one hour to create each one but its worth it every time!

Quality comes first

We use the highest quality gold filled products, our products last longer than gold plated and we make sure we source the best suppliers for all of our products. We chose to use gold filled as the quality is very apparent when comparing the two, it all started when we were sourcing for our pearl chokers and found that gold filled products had a much better colour and lasted longer than gold plated findings. 

Hand Crafted

Our products are all made to order, and we personally spend a lot of time creating these pieces for you! Please understand in the process of making these small scratches may appear on the pendant, this is due to either its vintage condition or the process of making the piece. Although keep in mind we would never sell something that isn't of the best standard we turn away any products that don't look right or are too scratched.