Size Guides

We have created size guides for you below to see which best suits you.

Ring Size Guide
Measure your finger:
1. Wrap a strip of paper or ribbon around your finger where you'd like the ring to be.
2. Make sure the paper is fit snug to ensure the best fit. 
3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure that length with a ruler. 
4. Use the below chart to determine the ring size.

All our rings are measured in US Sizing, to measure your ring size at home we have a Ring Sizer available to purchase on our website. If you need to quickly check what size a finger is here is a guide below that you can follow. 


Necklace Size Guide:


Our necklaces range from 14" and can range to 20". To measure the length at home choose your favourite necklace at home and measure the size to compare. Below is a size guide to help with visualising which size suits you.



Bracelet Size Guide:


To measure your bracelet length, wrap a piece of string around and mark the spot where they meet. Be sure to leave a few cm loose as you won't want to bracelet to be too tight. Or alternately use a bracelet you love wearing and measure the length of that one. Use the guide below to choose what size you are.